Organic Lion’s Mane ‘Spray & Grow’ Mushroom Growing Kit


Organic Lion’s Mane ‘Spray & Grow’ Mushroom Growing Kit for sale

Lion’s mane mushroom spore kits are the easiest of all our Spray & Grow Kits and produce plump, dense, shaggy mushroom clusters. Lion’s mane is highly versatile and will be enjoyable by cooking, dried, extracted, or even steeped as a tea! And because it contains brain-supporting compounds, it’s also a popular medicinal mushroom in addition to a delicious fungi fan favorite. (Meatless crab cakes, anyone?)

Why we love them:

Our USDA-certified organic lion’s mane mushroom kits are reliable producers and tend to yield large flushes of beautiful creamy white mushrooms when given adequate humidity. With continued proper care, you may be able to get multiple flushes. (We 100% guarantee your first flush of mushrooms, but hope you’ll try for 2 or 3!)

Note: Lion’s mane mushroom spore can be prone to drying out if the ambient humidity is too low, so we recommend that you water it generously.

That’s not mold, it’s mycelium!

Your kit includes an amended sawdust block fully colonized with mushroom mycelium. It may appear covered with a soft, white, mold-like substance – that’s the mushroom mycelium! It is completely normal. The mycelium of some species is more prominent than others.

USDA Certified Organic

The spawn used in our mushroom kits is grown on organic grain and made with organic cultures from our own culture bank. Our kits are handmade from a blend of non-GMO woods and supplements from farms and forests in New England and North America.


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